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Selling a Boat

Trust in Experienced and Professional Brokers

Val Wyatt has vast amounts of experience brokering boats – and we know how to look after vendors, boats and purchasers.

Whether you are selling a boat, or are buying a boat through us, we will professionally advise and support you; safeguarding funds and ensure that the process, paperwork and transfers proceed smoothly.

There are lots of things to consider when selling your boat, from legal requirements to advertising strategies and campaigns. We can help.


Determine the best asking price: so you get the best result

  • This is often the trickiest part of the process: too high and your boat won’t get viewings; too low and you won’t get the value you deserve. We’re here to ensure you walk away happy, obtaining the best price possible.
  • We are in a position to do this not only because of our past experience, but also through our current knowledge of what is an active market. We also refer to wider industry knowledge via access to a database of boat sales in previous years, from all over the UK and Europe.
  • We will build this into a strategy for the sale of your boat and advise accordingly.

Prepare your boat: so it reflects the value it holds

  • We want to market boats in the best possible condition as it’s (nearly always) first impressions that count.
  • We can advise you on any improvements that may assist you in competing with the current market to achieve the best price: and we’ll help you get these done. Often this is just a good thorough first clean – we’ll take care of cleaning on a regular basis after that – but if more extensive work or repairs need to be done these can be organised through us.

Get the right advertising campaign: so the right buyer comes along

  • Getting your boat seen is key. We comprehensively cover this by getting your boat in front of the most interested audience via:
    • our established and ever growing client database
    • listings on our own website and the biggest boat sales sites
    • national and regional boat shows
    • magazines
    • walk in enquiries on site.
  • When prospective buyers do come in, we will always conduct accompanied viewings.

Deal with the legalities professionally

  • The directors of Val Wyatt both come from professional corporate backgrounds and have applied this experience to the boat selling process. It may seem simple, but as marine legislation increases in complexity, the importance of getting this process right when selling your boat, and buying another, is rising.
  • We understand all the necessary details of selling your boat that may otherwise be missed when selling privately.
  • We work with you to ensure that all documentation is correct: Title, VAT status, RCD compliance, and Bills of Sale.
  • No one wants paperwork to delay a sale and so we ensure all is in place at the start.
  • We will deal with all Sale & Purchase contracts, correspondence, closing statements and deposit requirements, as well as transferring title to your purchaser.
  • We are here to get it all right for you.

Manage a swift, smooth process; so everyone enjoys the experience

  • It’s more complicated than it may appear: finding a buyer, negotiating on your behalf, getting them to commit, dealing with money to protect you both (via client accounts), managing a survey and trial, and much more- all within contractual timescales.
  • We work hard so that when you accept an offer, the process of getting the sale completed (and getting proceeds to you) is as fast as possible.

With our assistance you can have confidence that all aspects of selling your boat will be dealt with professionally. From marketing, to negotiations, to paperwork and more, our aim is to ensure an enjoyable sale and purchase process.

Thinking of selling with us? Contact us now.

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