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Buying a Used Boat

Trust in Experienced and Professional Brokers

We have decades of experience selling new and brokerage boats – which means we provide exemplary customer care and attention to both our sellers and buyers throughout every transaction.

Whether you are selling a boat or buying a boat through us, we will professionally advise and support you, safeguarding funds and ensuring that the process, paperwork and transfers are all completed smoothly.

What we do for you.

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a used boat: from legal requirements, to security of your money, through to surveys and trials. We are here to help you through this process, which we believe should be thoroughly enjoyable for you.

We will:

Help you find your “dream boat”.

It’s out there. Even if you don’t know what it is yet.

There are so many options when buying your boat that sometimes you may need a little clarity to help you determine which boat best suits your needs.

We strive to match you with your ideal boat, narrowing down your requirements and finding a boat to fit. We do this by using decades of experience within the boating industry, and also by understanding about the joys of boating, in all their forms.

Negotiate on your behalf.

We can help you decide a realistic offer to improve the chance of buying your chosen vessel for a fair price. We will then work with all parties to reach a point that is acceptable to everyone.

Advise you

Trials and surveys are important.

Of course you will want to test out your chosen vessel on the water, and we always recommend that you have at least a structural survey conducted to ensure you know exactly what you are buying. We can offer a list of reputable surveyors, facilitate the process, and help guide you through the surveyor’s recommendations: estimating the time and cost of possible corrections as well as putting any problems in context.

Keeping your money safe and secure: no hassle, no worries.
As brokers, we protect and safe guard your funds, providing confidence from unseen and potential hazards that may arise within a private transaction.

We operate a separate Client Account (just as solicitors do) that ensures that you’re money is always safe, and only transfers to a Vendor when you’ve accepted the boat as yours.

On completion of purchase, we will also ensure that any pre-existing loans or encumbrances are paid off for a stress free transaction.

You may also want advice for boat loans and insurance – our team can discuss and arrange these details for you.

Deal with the legalities and paperwork

It may seem simple, but as marine legislations increase in complexity, the importance of getting this process right when boats are bought and sold is rising.

As professional brokers, we understand all the principles of buying your boat that may otherwise be missed when buying privately. We do this on a daily basis, having sold over 3,000 boats since the 1980s.

This means we are meticulous with details, ensuring the vessel has a clean unencumbered title, proper documentation, no outstanding marine mortgage, and correct ownership document trail.

We are here to get it all right for you.

After your purchase

Have you considered moorings, works, transportation? You name it, we can help you.

We often have customers who want to stay with us having bought a boat through us. Our picturesque marina offers moorings, storage, and workshop facilities, so that once you have your boat, you know that through us it can be completely looked after.

Have a look at our Marina section here.


To find your boat, please start using the search facilities available. Or, give us a call or email to discuss your requirements.

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