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English Style

A more traditional English helm position located amidships: combined with renowned Dutch hand made quality.

Dutch Style

With a helm at the back of the boat, this is a typical Dutch style creating a huge social space for all guests and crew.

The Intercruiser by Interboat pushes the boundaries of enjoyment and comfort, allowing you the freedom of weekend river trips, the open waters and offshore adventures with comfort, ease and style.

The sister range to Interboat, the Intercruisers have everything that Interboat provide in a slightly bigger, more accommodating package.

Often our customers will start their boating experience with an Interboat, and grow into an Intercrusier.

Available in 2 core design styles based ranging from 27′ to 35′, the choice is based around the helm position, offering you:

1) Transom helm: typical of Dutch design and based on the Interboat “sloep” social style.

2) Amidships helm: a traditional English design with the helm position in the middle of the boat for optimum visibility.

Explore each of the models to discover specifications, key technical details, and a taster of what Intercruiser can offer for a different kind of boating.


Looking for something smaller?

Want a day boat with a fridge, sink and toilet?
Try our Interboat range for boats from 18’ – 27’ for open day boats with a variety of facilities.

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